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VbrFix Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

bool contFix (const int c)
void endFix ()
int getPercent ()
bool isWorking ()
virtual void logError (const char *s)
void logf (const char *s)
virtual void logInfo (const char *s)
void setflags (unsigned long f)
void slowFileCopy (const char *input, const char *output)
bool startFix (const char *fileName, const char *outFile)

Private Member Functions

bool checkAPE ()
bool checkFrame ()
bool checkId3v1 ()
bool checkId3v2 ()
bool checkLyrics3 ()
void clearMp3Info ()
void getBits (bool *b, char C)
void loge (const char *s)
void loge (string s)
void loge (wps w)
void logf (string s)
void logf (wps w)
void logFile (const char *s)
void logi (const char *s)
void logi (string s)
void logi (wps w)
void openFiles (const char *file, const char *outFile)
void revWrite (long n)
void startWriting ()
void wread (void *ptr, int bytes)
void writeAPE ()
bool writeFrame ()
void writeId3v1 ()
void writeId3v2 ()
void writeLyrics3 ()
void writeVbrHeader ()

Private Attributes

long aBrate
long apePos
long apeSize
unsigned long flags
unsigned long frameArraySize
unsigned long frameNo
unsigned long framesWritten
unsigned char H [4]
long id3v1
long id3v2
unsigned long id3v2Size
long lamevbr
long lamevbrsize
long lastbr
long lastchan
unsigned char lastH [4]
long lastsm
long lastver
FILE * log
long lyrics3Pos
long lyrics3Size
wfile mp3
unsigned long mp3length
unsigned long outFileSize
wfile outmp3
unsigned long per
bool reading
unsigned long totalBitrate
bool vbr
bool writing

Detailed Description

Definition at line 39 of file vbrfix.h.

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